The Classes we teach at Fins Up Scuba…

Open Water. Start your adventure!

The Open Water Program (“OW” as the pros say) at Fins Up Scuba is where most people start there scuba adventures!

The program is divided into four key parts, Self-Study, The Classroom, The Pool Dives, and The Open Water Dives!

Self-Study. When you sign up for your class with us you will be able to choose between a traditional book version of the class (select classes), a tablet (Touch) version of the class and our most popular the ELearning version. Each has its own advantages but whichever way you choose, we will be there to answer your questions as they come up! However you learn best, it is a good idea to budget somewhere between five-ten hours to self-study.

The Classroom. Classroom can be as short as one hour or as long as twelve hours depending on the type of class you choose. ELearning classes have very short classroom times because you do more work at home during the self-study time whereas book classes have longer classroom time to go over the knowledge reviews, take quizzes and tests in the classroom setting.

The Pool Dives. There are five confined water dives. Each has building skills to teach you how to be a comfortable and safe diver. We at Fins Up Scuba believe that good diving habits start at the beginning of your training so we will give you lots of swim time with our small classes and great student to instructor ratios.

The Open Water Dives. There are four open water dives required to complete the open water certification and they must be done over at least a two day period. We like to think of these four dives as the continuing practice from the pool. Besides some basic navigation skills, all the skills that you will do in the open water you already mastered in the pool! We conduct the dives locally at Lake Pleasant but can make other arrangements as necessary.

** Though it is not our main focus, we do offer private instruction. If you are interested in private scuba lessons, local or in any destination, please contact the shop and ask for Chris.

Advanced Open Water. Continue Your Adventure.

Do you want to be a better diver? Get some street cred as a diver? Tired of only getting to dive to sixty feet and above? Advanced Open Water is the class for you.

“AOW” or “Advanced” (as the pros say) is five open water dives and five knowledge reviews with an instructor leading the training (No Tests!!). In AOW you will have two mandatory dives, the Deep Diver dive 1 (Below 60ft), and the Underwater Navigator dive 1. The other three dives are up to you and your instructor to choose from a list of other great dives like Night Diver 1, Dry Suit Diver 1, Altitude Diver 1, or Boat Diver 1 just to name a few!

Each one of the dives from the AOW program is the first dive from the corresponding specialty. For more information on specialty certifications please see the link or call the shop! Fins Up Scuba is proud to offer small classes and focus on the training you need and want!

Emergency First Response. Save a Life.

The Emergency First Response program (“EFR”) is a CPR and First Aid program that teaches lifesaving skills. It can be broken into smaller programs like CPR and AED or can meet OSHA workplace guidelines. There are also add-ons for children and infants which are perfect for families or even child care providers.

Rescue Diver. Learn To Help Other Divers.

“Rescue” is the first program you take as a diver where the emphasis isn’t mainly on your diving skills. The program teaches you how to handle common (and some not so common) issues that can happen while diving and focuses on problem solving skills. Through this program you will become a more confident diver and have a whole new skill set that makes you an invaluable buddy!

The program consists of Self-study, Classroom, (as necessary) Pool Training, and Open Water Dives. A current CPR and First Aid certification are required (We recommend Emergency First Response and we teach it here). At Fins Up Scuba class sizes are always small so you get a great student to instructor ratios and class when you need it!

Specialty Courses. Increase Your Skills.

At Fins Up Scuba we teach a lot of specialty courses. Want to be safer when diving deep? Want to learn how the Divemaster always gets right back to the anchor line? Want to dive and survive after the zombie apocalypse? We have a class for that!!

We Teach…

Altitude Diver

AWARE Shark Conservation Diver

Boat Diver

Deep Diver

Digital Underwater Photography

Drift Diver

Dry Suit Diver

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

Equipment Specialist

Night Diver

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Search and Recovery Diver

Tec Gas Blender

Underwater Naturalist

Underwater Navigator

Wreck Diver

Zombie Apocalypse Diver

And More!! We add courses all the time as students request them!!

Master Scuba Diver. The Highest Recreational Rating.

Master Scuba Diver is the highest recreational rating and is an earned rating. To become a Master Scuba Diver you need to be a PADI Rescue Diver, have five PADI Specialties, and fifty logged dives. The instructor that you worked with at Fins Up Scuba to attain this awesome certification will help you fill out the application that goes directly to PADI for processing.

Divemaster. Go Pro.

Divemaster (“DM”) is the first professional rating. At Fins Up Scuba the Divemaster program is all about the skills and knowledge development that it takes to work in the industry. You will work closely with the staff to learn what it really takes to be a pro. Instructors will mentor you and help to develop your full potential as a dive professional. Even if you don’t currently plan to work in the scuba industry, wouldn’t be nice to have the comfort level and skills that come from this training?

Emergency First Response Instructor. Teach People to Save Lives.

The Emergency First Response Instructor Course (“EFRI”) teaches you how to break down the EFR program and teach it to students in the classroom setting. We will focus on your classroom presentations and skills to have you ready to teach this in demand lifesaving program.

Assistant Instructor. Continue Your Professional Adventure.

The Assistant Instructor program (“AI”) is the first part of the Instructor Development Course (“the IDC”) and focuses on teaching. Working closely with the Course Director and staff at Fins Up Scuba, you will learn to teach the PADI system in the Classroom, in Confined Water, and at the Open Water.

Open Water Scuba Instructor. Teach SCUBA Diving.

Open Water Scuba Instructor (“OWSI”) is the second part of the Instructor Development Course (“the IDC”) and focuses on polishing the skills you need to be a SCUBA instructor. At Fins Up Scuba we will not only teach you to pass the Instructor Examination (“IE”), but teach you the skills necessary to be a successful instructor able to work anywhere in the world.

After completion of the OWSI course you will be scheduled for a PADI Instructor Examination (“IE”). Upon successful completion of the IE you will be a PADI OWSI. The world’s largest and most recognizable SCUBA instructor credential which means you are employable anywhere in the world!!

Master Scuba Diver Trainer Preparation. Increase Your Professional Skills and Ability.

In the Master Scuba Diver Training Preparation Course (“MSDT prep”) you will work closely with the Fins Up Scuba Course Director to learn to teach at least five of the most popular scuba specialties. You will be able to teach these classes along with the core programs in order to better serve your students and enable you to achieve the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating more quickly.

Specialty Instructor Training Courses. Teach the Students what they want to Learn.

The Course Director at Fins Up Scuba is an Instructor Trainer for several of the most popular specialty courses. By working with a Course Director you will learn the hints, tips, and suggestions to set up and teach specialty courses. Please contact Chris for a full list of courses offered.

Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor. Help Train the Next Generation.

The Instructor Development Course Staff Instructor Course teaches you to work with the Course Director to train the IDC candidates. This program will make you a better instructor by reinforcing the basics and helping you to be able to break them down to students and instructor candidates alike. Upon completing the course you will have the rating of Instructor Development Staff Instructor (“IDCSI or IDC Staff”) and will have the ability to teach the AI program. This is also a step toward the Master Instructor rating (“MI”).